A new generation of closed-loop algorithms for glucose regulation in diabetic patients using bio-inspired models.

Project Details


This project is conjoint research between CITEDI-IPN, Mx., and the IMS Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux, Fr. The project pursuits the design of new closed-loop glucose regulation algorithms in Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 patients. We consider commercial continuous glucose monitoring systems and alternative biosensors measuring the pancreatic islets' electric activity.

Key findings

Our first result consists in the design of a robust controller for critically ill patients at the intensive care unit. Diabetes The controller regulates the glucose despite unannounced meal intake and the inter-, and intra-patient variability. The controller was tested in the UVA/Padova metabolic simulator for a cohort of ten adult patients showing good performance.
Short titleEcosnord Project
StatusNot started


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