Geological Heritage of the North Region of the State of Michoacan, Mexico

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© 2019, The European Association for Conservation of the Geological Heritage. The inventory of the geological heritage of a region is a necessary action to promote its conservation and its diffusion. We selected the Northern region of Michoacan to advance the inventory of its geological heritage, particularly in the field of volcanology, hydrology and geothermal. The term “scientific geoheritage” was used to refer to those geological features that may be susceptible to be considered as having a potential geological heritage of north Michoacán. The aim was to focus on the complex context and significance of the geological heritage, so that the protection schemes take into account its use as a natural, scientific, and cultural heritage. The Michoacan Guanajuato Volcanic Field is a highlighted geo-area with the Volcan Paricutin as an important geosite. Important hydrological sites are Lago Camecuaro and Los Chorros del Varal, which are also protected natural areas. Finally, the Azufres is a geothermal area with high economic and scientific value.
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2019


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