Extraction of hysteresis parameters in foil magnetostrictive composites

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© 2019 The Author The work discusses the extraction of the uncommon hysteresis parameters as a function of the magnetization, M and magnetic field, H using low-field resonance principles to characterize foil magnetostrictive composites. Linear magnetizing process is derived as hysteresis lag, because the magnetic field lines generated by current flowing on the inductive winding are vector deviated. A series RLC circuit is employed here to evaluate hysteresis lag, where its equivalent voltage signals are inputs to a XY graph to obtain the hysteresis cycle as M-H loop in an oscilloscope screen. To validate the feasibility of the extraction of such those hysteresis parameters, bulk Mn-Zn ferrites were cut in foils to be evaluated by physical equations defined here. Hence, the conduction parameters estimated using M-H loops show as structure ordering of magnetostrictive composites is dependent on magnetic properties in the small-scale structures.
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