c.1898C>G/p.Ser633Trp Mutation in Alpha-l-Iduronidase: Clinical and Structural Implications

Iliana Peña-Gomar, José L. Jiménez-Mariscal, Magdalena Cerón, Jorge Rosas-Trigueros, Cesar A. Reyes-López

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Mucopolysaccharidosis type I is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disease caused by deficient activity of α-l-iduronidase. As a consequence of low or absent activity of this enzyme, glycosaminoglycans accumulate in the lysosomal compartments of multiple cell types throughout the body. Mucopolysaccharidosis type I has been classified into 3 clinical subtypes, ranging from a severe Hurler form to the more attenuated Hurler–Scheie and Scheie phenotypes. Over 200 gene variants causing the various forms of mucopolysaccharidosis type I have been reported. DNA isolated from dried blood spot was used to sequencing of all exons of the IDUA gene from a patient with a clinical phenotype of severe mucopolysaccharidosis type I syndrome. Enzyme activity of α-l-iduronidase was quantified by fluorimetric assay. Additionally, a molecular dynamics simulation approach was used to determine the effect of the Ser633Trp mutation on the structure and dynamics of the α-l-iduronidase. The DNA sequencing analysis and enzymatic activity shows a c.1898C>G mutation associated a patient with a homozygous state and α-l-iduronidase activity of 0.24 μmol/L/h, respectively. The molecular dynamics simulation analysis shows that the p.Ser633Trp mutation on the α-l-iduronidase affect significant the temporal and spatial properties of the different structural loops, the N-glycan attached to Asn372 and amino acid residues around the catalytic site of this enzyme. Low enzymatic activity observed for p.Ser633Trp variant of the α-l-iduronidase seems to lead to severe mucopolysaccharidosis type I phenotype, possibly associated with a perturbation of the structural dynamics in regions of the enzyme close to the active site.

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PublicaciónProtein Journal
EstadoPublicada - feb 2021


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