The Visualization of the Space Probability Distribution for a Particle Moving in a Double Ring-Shaped Coulomb Potential

Yuan You, Fa Lin Lu, Dong Sheng Sun, Chang Yuan Chen, Shi Hai Dong

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© 2018 Yuan You et al. The analytical solutions to a double ring-shaped Coulomb potential (RSCP) are presented. The visualizations of the space probability distribution (SPD) are illustrated for the two-(contour) and three-dimensional (isosurface) cases. The quantum numbers (n,l,m) are mainly relevant for those quasi-quantum numbers (n′,l′,m′) via the double RSCP parameter c. The SPDs are of circular ring shape in spherical coordinates. The properties for the relative probability values (RPVs) P are also discussed. For example, when we consider the special case (n,l,m)=(6,5,0), the SPD moves towards two poles of z-axis when P increases. Finally, we discuss the different cases for the potential parameter b, which is taken as negative and positive values for c>0. Compared with the particular case b=0, the SPDs are shrunk for b=-0.5, while they are spread out for b=0.5.
Original languageAmerican English
JournalAdvances in High Energy Physics
StatePublished - 24 Apr 2018


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