The use of extinction phenomenon for investigation of textured thin film microstructure

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Evaluation of microstructure in films with large and perfect grains by the conventional X-rays diffraction methods is impossible when the shape of the diffracted peak reaches the instrumental one. In this case the dynamic scattering processes take place and the extinction phenomenon, related to the crystal microstructure, is observed. In textured films the diffracted intensity is affected both by grains orientation (pole density) and extinction phenomenon. The results of the microstructure investigation of the annealed and co-doped with Cu, Cl and Ga ZnS:Cu thin films using extinction phenomenon are presented. D8 Bruker X-ray diffractometer with an Euler cradle and two non-polarized Cu and Co radiations was used. Low and high index reflections were measured. The evaluation of thin film microstructure was performed by separation of the extinction phenomenon in pole density and determination of the extinction coefficients. The domain thickness was evaluated from the values of the primary extinction and the extinction length. The average domain disorientation angle was determined from the value of the secondary extinction. The dislocation density at domain boundaries was calculated from average domain disorientation angle and domain thickness. The influence of film microstructure on the incorporation of Cu and Cl dopants into ZnS lattice and as the result a decrease of the phase transition temperature are demonstrated. © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München.
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StatePublished - 1 Dec 2009
EventZeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Supplement -
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ConferenceZeitschrift fur Kristallographie, Supplement
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