The family Streptosporangiaceae

Misa Otoguro, Hideki Yamamura, Erika T. Quintana

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© 2014 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. All rights are reserved. The family Streptosporangiaceae encompasses the genera Streptosporangium as type genus, Nonomuraea, Planomonospora, Planobispora, Microbispora, Planotetraspora, Herbidospora, Acrocarpospora, Thermopolyspora. On the basis of phylogenetic analysis, the genus Sinosporangium branches deeply and membership of the family is not clear. Members of this family comprehend aerobic, Gram-positive, non-acid-alcohol-fast, chemoorganotrophic actinomycetes that form a branched, nonfragmenting substrate mycelium. Members are chemically homogeneous but morphologically diverse. However, strains that bear spore vesicles (Acrocarpospora, Planobispora, Planomonospora, Planotetraspora and Streptosporangium) are closely related to organisms that have two or more spores in spore chains (Herbidospora, Microbispora, Microtetraspora and Nonomuraea). Molecular analyses including DNA-DNA hybridization were performed on members of several genera, and the genome sequence of Streptosporangium roseum NI 9100T has been published. Several isolation strategies were developed using baiting, chemical, physical,and physicochemical techniques for the genera Streptosporangium, Planobispora, Planomonospora, Herbidospora, Microbispora, Microtetraspora, and Nonomuraea. Members of the family are mainly found in soil and a few species were isolated from seashore including sand or sediments, and plant materials including roots and leafs.
Original languageAmerican English
Title of host publicationThe Prokaryotes: Actinobacteria
Number of pages906
ISBN (Electronic)9783642301384, 3642301371, 9783642301377
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2014

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