Seaweed as potential plant growth stimulants for agriculture in Mexico

Rosalba Mireya Hernández-Herrera, Fernando Santacruz-Ruvalcaba, Diego Ramón Briceño-Domínguez, Dania Andrea Di Filippo-Herrera, Gustavo Hernández-Carmona

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© 2018 Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. All rights reserved. Background: One of the promising directions in agriculture is the rational use of biologically active substances or plant growth stimulators obtained from local raw materials. In Mexico, seaweed can be considered a cheap, abundant, and accessible local resource along the Mexican coast. It represents great potential for eventual commercial exploitation as a source of plant growth promoters. Previous reports have emphasized the importance of seaweed extracts and their utilization with significant results to improve seed germination, seedling development, growth, and yield of plants, increasing crop productivity. The main effects should be in the first stages of plant ontogenesis, beginning with seed germination and seedling growth. The effects of seaweed liquid extracts in the early stages of plant growth are on root-system growth, providing a signal of the value and quality of the future crop. Therefore, the search for the most effective extracts that stimulate plant development is considered a priority. Goals. Show an overview of the application of seaweed extracts in Mexican agriculture. Results: Information is provided on the administration and regulation for the harvest of marine algae, and the research carried out in Mexico. The management and harvest regulations for the algae, including seaweed liquid extract composition, biological efficacy of promoting plant growth, as well as elicitors of disease defense caused by pathogens. Conclusions: Seaweeds from Mexico have enough potential for the isolation of biologically active compounds that could increase agriculture productivity. This research is essential for the future of Mexican agriculture, to develop effective strategies to use seaweed extracts.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)129-140
Number of pages114
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2018
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Hernández-Herrera, R. M., Santacruz-Ruvalcaba, F., Briceño-Domínguez, D. R., Di Filippo-Herrera, D. A., & Hernández-Carmona, G. (2018). Seaweed as potential plant growth stimulants for agriculture in Mexico. Hidrobiologica, 129-140.