Preparation and properties of ATO films and their effects on the TiO <inf>2</inf>/ATO system

J. A. Galaviz-Pérez, Fei Chen, J. R.Vargas García, Qiang Shen, Lianmeng Zhang

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Multilayered TiO2/ATO thin films were prepared by the spin-coating method to evaluate the electronic interactions and the effect of the experimental conditions on optical transparency, electric resistivity and carrier density. ATO chemical composition, number of layers and annealing temperature were modified to study their effect on the global properties of the TiO2/ATO system. TiO2/ATO films exhibited an optical transparency as high as 81 % in the visible wavelength and a strong absorption within the UV spectra. Electric resistivity as low as 3.4 × 10 -1 Ω·cm was measured for TiO2/ATO films. Optical properties were influenced mainly by the presence of upper TiO 2 layer and ATO film thickness. The effect of ATO film thickness, composition and annealing temperature on TiO2/ATO transparency and resistivity are discussed. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2013
EventJournal of Physics: Conference Series -
Duration: 8 Mar 2017 → …


ConferenceJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Period8/03/17 → …


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Galaviz-Pérez, J. A., Chen, F., García, J. R. V., Shen, Q., & Zhang, L. (2013). Preparation and properties of ATO films and their effects on the TiO <inf>2</inf>/ATO system. Paper presented at Journal of Physics: Conference Series, .