Pharmacokinetics of oral ketorolac in the rat

V. Granados-Soto, F. J. Flores-Murrieta

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The pharmacokinetics of ketorolac, a potent analgesic agent used for relief of moderate to severe pain, has been studied in rats who received oral doses of 1, 3.2 or 5.6 mg/kg of ketorolac tromethamine. Blood samples were obtained at selected times during 24 h after medication, and ketorolac concentrations were determined by high performance liquid chromatography. After administration of ketorolac, blood concentrations increased rapidly reaching a dose-dependent maximal concentration in about 20 min. Then, concentrations decayed with a half-life of about 6 h. A linear increase in C(max) and AUC as a function of the dose was observed, and no statistically signifcant difference was observed in AUC/dose or C(max)/dose between doses, indicating that pharmacokinetics of ketorolac is linear in the range of doses studied.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)535-538
Number of pages481
JournalMethods and Findings in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
StatePublished - 1 Jan 1995
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