Inference of fault and fracture systems beneath the Matatlan waste dump basement, a VLF study

M. A. Alatorre-Zamora, J. O. Campos-Enríquez, S. Belmonte-Jiménez, J. Ibarra-Nuño

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We used the VLF technique to infer fault or major fracture zones that might serve as path for contaminant waste fluids in the Matatlan dumpsite, in Guadalajara, western Mexico. To interpret the data we used the Fraser, and Karous-Hjelt filters. Profiles were interpreted with 2D direct modeling based on Karous-Hjelt modified filter (K-H). The Fraser and Karous-Hjelt conjugated filter were applied to the entire data. The results of both techniques show similarities in the directions and positions of anomalous features, which are assumed fault or fracture zones. We observed one fault zone at the centre of the site, with a NEE-SWW strike. Other important inferred structures have NW-SE directions at the western part of the site. The cooperative use of both techniques, based on K-H filter and the Fraser filter give results as an N-S inferred structure in the westernmost part of the zone, as well as NW-SE linear anomalies, mainly in the western half of the site. The N-S structure has the same direction as that of Rio Grande de Santiago Canyon. The NW-SE features coincide with the directions of the Tepic-Zacoalco rift. Others NE-SW lineaments are located towards the centre of the area. These facts coincide strongly with the predominance of fracture groups show in the fracture analysis. The inferred structures could serve as conduits for the leachates to migrate towards the Coyula canyon as well as towards the Rio Grande de Santiago Canyon. Statistic analysis of fracture orientations showed N-S (A), N75-80E (B), N60-65W (C), and N25-30W (D) main directions, and N45-55E (E), and 90E (F) secondary directions. Group A coincides with the direction of the Rio Grande de Santiago Canyon, whereas pattern F have the same direction as Coyula Canyon.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)241-257
Number of pages17
JournalGeofisica Internacional
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2014
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  • Current distribution
  • Fracture zones
  • Fraser and karous-Hjelt filters
  • Matatlan dumpsite
  • Very low frequency


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