Growth and survival of pen shell Atrina maura (Bivalvia: Pinnidae) cultured in the southeastern coast of the Gulf of California, Mexico

Andrés Martín Góngora-Gómez, Manuel García-Ulloa, Juan Antonio Hernández-Sepúlveda, Ana Laura Domínguez-Orozco, Juan Carlos Sainz-Hernández

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© 2016, Universidad de Valparaiso. All rights reserved. The evaluation of growth and survival of bivalves represents an important tool in culture. Growth performance and survival of the pen shell Atrina maura cultivated in Isla Los Redos, at the southeastern coast of the Gulf of California, Sinaloa, México, during 15 months (February 2008-May 2009), were described. The mean initial shell height and body weight of seeds (n= 2,500) were 28.41 ± 4.69 mm and 0.3 ± 0.2 g, respectively. Pen shells were cultured in suspension for 4 months, and 11 months in bottom system until harvesting. Biometrics of 50 specimens were measured every month. The average final shell height and weight were 220.48 ± 12.41 mm and 284.26 ± 54.45 g, respectively. There were significant differences among the total weight of each month. The mean daily growth of shell height and body weight were 0.48 mm d-1 and 0.63 g d-1, respectively. Final survival was 88.72%. Results show that A. maura reached the commercial size (≥ 200 mm shell height) after 9 months of culture in Isla Los Redos, Sinaloa, Mexico. This information contribute with basic knowledge for further studies on farming of the pen shell A. maura.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)665-673
Number of pages597
JournalRevista de Biologia Marina y Oceanografia
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2016


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