Explorando interacciones raíz-hongo en un humedal neotropical de agua dulce

Translated title of the contribution: Exploring plant root-fungal interactions in a neotropical freshwater wetland

Jazmín Santillán-Manjarrez, A. Penélope Solís-Hernández, Patricia Castilla-Hernández, Ignacio E. Maldonado-Mendoza, Gilberto Vela-Correa, Aurora Chimal-Hernández, Claudia Hernández-Díaz, Martha Signoret-Poillon, Diederik van Tuinen, Facundo Rivera-Becerril

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    Background: Wetlands in Neotropics harbor high fungal diversity, including arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and dark septate endophytes (DSE). This study describes the interaction of plant roots with AMF and DSE in a freshwater wetland belonging to a hotspot of biodiversity. Hypothesis: Differential root colonization between arbuscular mycorrhizal and dark septate endophyte fungi is influenced by plant species and abiotic conditions in a freshwater wetland. Studied species: Plant species colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal and dark septate endophyte fungi. Methods: Properties of soils and the water column, floristic composition, root colonization by AMF and DSE, and molecular identification of AMF inside roots were studied. Results: Soils were Gleysol and flooded during the rainy season. Most of identified plant species were herbaceous, with Cyperus articulatus and Mimosa pigra as the dominant species. Seven of 8 analyzed plant species exhibited differential co-colonization between AMF and DSE. Repeated sampling for one year under flooding/dry conditions demonstrated that C. articulatus and M. pigra were mainly associated with DSE and AMF, respectively. A positive correlation between dissolved O2 in the water column and fungal colonization was observed in C. articulatus. Glomerales and Archaeosporales were molecularly identified inside roots containing arbuscules of M. pigra. Conclusions: Findings highlight differential coexistence between AMF and DSE in plant roots; fungal colonization was influenced by flooding/dry conditions in a neotropical wetland; the community of AMF inside arbusculated roots of M. pigra includes at least four clades.

    Translated title of the contributionExploring plant root-fungal interactions in a neotropical freshwater wetland
    Original languageSpanish
    Pages (from-to)661-674
    Number of pages14
    JournalBotanical Sciences
    Issue number4
    StatePublished - 1 Jan 2019

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