Effect on compressive and flexural strength of agave fiber reinforced adobes

Magdaleno Caballero-Caballero, Fernando Chinas-Castillo, José Luis Montes Bernabé, Rafael Alavéz-Ramirez, María Eugenia Silva Rivera

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© 2018 Taylor & Francis. Adobe bricks, formed from raw clay, are used as construction materials since ancient times. Their main drawback is a low flexural and compressive strength. Agave bagasse is a waste material from the Mezcal production process. Angustifolia haw agave bagasse fiber was added to improve the properties of adobes. Adobe bricks were made with agave fibers ranging from 10 to 25 mm length and 0.25 to 1% concentration. At 1% concentration of agave, 25 mm long, the compressive and flexural strength are improved by 33% and 7.01%, fulfilling the requirements of Mexican construction regulation norm N-CMT-2-01-001/02 class C.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)575-585
Number of pages516
JournalJournal of Natural Fibers
StatePublished - 4 Jul 2018


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