Cytotonic and cytotoxic effect of cholera toxin on Vero cells and its relation to PCR

M. G. Rodríguez-Angeles, S. Giono-Cerezo, J. L. Valdespino-Gómez

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We studied 40 Vibrio cholerae strains: 16 from stool, 16 from sewage and 8 from food. The serotypes were Inaba in 21 strains, 8 Ogawa strains and 11 V. cholerae non-O1. PCR was made with ctx2 and ctx3 primers with 25 cycles of temperature: 1 min at 94 degrees C, 1 min at 60 degrees C and 1 min at 72 degrees C. 24 V. cholerae strains were positive: 18/24 Inaba y 6/24 Ogawa. PCR was negative for 16 strains: 3 Inaba serotype, 2 Ogawa y 11 V. cholerae non-O1. In Vero culture cells 18 strains were cytotonic, 21 cytotoxic and 1 strain was negative. ELISA was positive for 11 strains with PCR positive. The PCR sensitivity was 95.83% compared with culture cells. V. cholerae O1 produced cytotoxic effect on Vero culture cells, maybe related to ACE factor. Colony blot was made with a specific probe labeled with digoxigenin and it could detect 4 Vibrio cholerae toxigenic strains with PCR negative. All V. cholerae Non O1 strains were PCR negative.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)263-271
Number of pages235
JournalRevista latinoamericana de microbiología
StatePublished - 1 Jan 1994
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