Comparative evaluation of R1234yf, R1234ze(E) and R450A as alternatives to R134a in a variable speed reciprocating compressor

J. M. Mendoza-Miranda, A. Mota-Babiloni, J. J. Ramírez-Minguela, V. D. Muñoz-Carpio, M. Carrera-Rodríguez, J. Navarro-Esbrí, C. Salazar-Hernández

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© 2016 Elsevier Ltd A comparative energetic evaluation of R1234yf, R1234ze(E) and R450A as alternatives to R134a in a variable speed compressor is carried out. A compressor model based on dimensionless numbers was obtained using the Buckingham π-theorem, which was validated with experimental data; showing that the prediction error of the model is lower than ±10% and ±2 K for temperature. The experimental data were obtained by testing R134a, R1234yf, R1234ze(E) and R450A for a wide range of operating conditions. Results obtained with the validated model, show that the dimensionless approach provides a similar estimation of energy parameters compared with the experimental results, such as power consumption, refrigerant mass flow rate, cooling capacity, COP, discharge temperature and compressor efficiencies for each refrigerant tested using the dimensionless approach proposed. The comparative evaluation of the compressor predictions shows a reduction in the cooling capacity obtained with R1234yf, R450A and R1234ze(E), in comparison with R134a. Also, COP values for R1234yf, R450A, and R1234ze(E) are lower than those obtained from R134a. Finally, results shows that the dimensionless correlation compressor model can be used to predict the performance of other reciprocating compressors, at similar operating conditions for a wide range of compressor rotation speed, with a reasonable accuracy.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)753-766
Number of pages676
StatePublished - 1 Nov 2016


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