A new late cretaceous (Coniacian-Maastrichtian) Javelinoxylon wood from Chihuahua, Mexico

Emilio Estrada-Ruiz, Hugo I. Martínez-Cabrera

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We describe a new fossil wood from the San Carlos Formation (Coniacian- Maastrichtian) in Chihuahua, northern Mexico. This Malvaceae s.l. wood is diffuse porous, vessels are solitary and in radial multiples, simple perforation plates, small alternate intervessel pits, vessel-ray parenchyma pits that are rounded with reduced borders, septate and nonseptate fibers, homocellular and heterocellular rays, and storied rays and vessel elements. These features support its inclusion within the genus Javelinoxylon, Malvaceae s.l., which occurs in other Upper Cretaceous localities in northern Mexico (Olmos Formation) and Texas (Aguja and Javelina Formations). This San Carlos fossil wood is the earliest occurrence of storied structure in the fossil record and the earliest angiosperm record for the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)521-530
Number of pages467
JournalIAWA Journal
StatePublished - 13 Dec 2011
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